Baggies The Ultimate Fun-Hogging Short

Baggies have been around for generations. There are few pieces of clothing that can last as long, and transcend style and function, as much as the Baggies. It has been almost 40 years since the first pair were produced. Between then and now, countless adventures have been had and memories made. They are the ultimate fun-hogging short, designed and built for all activities and purposes.

I got my first pair of baggies about 8 years ago. I had just begun college, and was transitioning to a new stage of my life. Since then a lot has changed, and throughout I have utilized my baggies continuously as a go-to piece of clothing. When I moved to Burlington, Vermont and spent my summers commuting 25 miles to balance working and shadowing physical therapists they were my everyday commuter shorts. Not only were they a comfortable exterior to my liners, but the pattern efficiently hid the bike grease I managed to leave everywhere much better than the professional khakis physical therapists are known for. But they go beyond just the bike.

Baggies where my shorts of choice for a self-supported solo traverse of The Long Trail; which follows the spine of Vermont’s green mountains for 272 miles over a variety of peaks and rugged terrain. As well as during my three years of graduate school from bike commuting, weekend fun-hogging trips, and even the medical library.

Running. Climbing. Skiing. Hiking. Volunteering. As a minimalist, having one pair of shorts that does it all goes a long way.

- Sierra Martin, Patagonia Burlington