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Worn Wear

Buy It Used, Wear It, Trade It In

How Does Trade-In Work?

Patagonia Burlington accepts quality used Patagonia items that function perfectly and are in good condition. In exchange for your Patagonia gear you will receive a Worn Wear Merchandise Credit. You may use this credit in-store at Patagonia Burlington, online at Patagonia.com and Wornwear.com.

What Product Do We Accept?

We accept a wide array of Patagonia items including men’s, women’s, kid’s & baby in both sportswear and technical styles. We also accept Patagonia luggage. Some exclusion apply. Please call our store for more details.

What Happens to the Product You Trade In?

We send the product you trade-in to Reno, Nevada where Patagonia’s product distribution center is located. Once these items arrive at the facility they are cleaned, most of which are cleaned using CO2, which saves water and energy compared to conventional methods. After being cleaned these items are uploaded to wornwear.com where you can shop other traded-in Patagonia items.