It’s springtime in Vermont, that beautiful time of year where the snow finally melts, buds on the trees explode, the green grass perks up, and my favorite lilacs bushes are in bloom. Everywhere you go, the moment the sun comes out and the thermometer reaches 50 degrees, you see people out in their shorts, sandals, and smiles even if the breeze is chilly. This is also the time when folks get to put away their winter boots and dust off their running shoes in preparation for one of my favorite races of the year, the Vermont City Marathon, hosted right here in Burlington, Vermont.

Growing up in Burlington, the Marathon has always been a cool event to watch as the course came by the end of my street every year, but it wasn't until I started working for SkiRack, Inc, one of the Marathon's sponsors and Patagonia Burlington’s partner store, that I developed a deeper relationship with the race. The first season I worked at Skirack I was able to jump on one of their relay teams, and since then, I was hooked! Almost every year since 2011 I've been on a relay team with Skirack or Patagonia Burlington (except the year I ran the full marathon, or the year I was 7 months pregnant - a little too large to run at that point, although I did see a very pregnant woman running that year with a sign on her belly saying "8 Months"!!! Super inspirational!!!).

2015 was the first year Patagonia Burlington participated with a relay team. Since its first marathon, Patagonia Burlington has always looked to tell a story with it’s team. The first year we were representing the updated trail run line by wearing some of Patagonia's revised clothing designs.

2015 Vermont City Marathon Patagonia Burlington Photos

The following year we took our story telling a step further by running in Patagonia’s new more environmentally friendly denim. Our team was dawning the jeans themselves and lightweight capilene shirts that read "denim is a filthy business," including fabric makeup statistics like, “84% less water, no toxic dyes or harmful effluent, produces 25% less CO2, and 30% less energy.” The 2016 marathon just so happened to be the year they ended the race early due to the high humidity index. Fortunately the denim is made up of 29% COOLMAX, a breathable wicking fabric, so we were comfortable in our denim believe it or not.

2016 Vermont City Marathon Patagonia Demin

Last year we called out the added fair trade swimwear styles to the Patagonia product line, and at this weekend’s race we are incredibly excited to celebrate 36 years of fun-hogging by running in Baggies. This Patagonia staple is now made with 100% recycled nylon and has some wild patterns this season, with inspiration from the mountains to the sea.

Keep an eye out for Team PB this weekend and share your Baggies stories with the tag #whatsinyourbaggies. Wishing everyone participating a fast race and a great day of fun-hogging!

See you at the finish line!
-Megan Winward
Buyer, Patagonia Burlington