Repair is a radical act.

Keeping clothes in use by repairing them if needed, or trading them in, reduces their impact on our environment much more effectively than if you were to recycle the clothes and buy new. Patagonia’s Worn Wear Trade-In program helps to keep the clothing life cycle in motion for a longer period of time.

Instead of collecting dust in your attic, closet, or basement, your unused Patagonia clothes can get a second life. In doing so, you will allow for more people to have access to quality clothing, create more stories to wear, and reduce impact on the environment.

Patagonia Burlington is able to accept functional, quality, used Patagonia clothing and gear for trade-in for a Worn Wear credit. This credit can be used in our store, Patagonia Burlington, online at or, and at any corporate Patagonia retail store.

Once trade in clothes stack up in our store we send them all out the Reno, Nevada where Patagonia cleans every item with a CO2 washing machine. Each item is then inventoried, photographed, and posted online for resale on

Most Patagonia items qualify for trade-in, but there are a few exceptions. Next-to-skin items, baselayers, hats and accessories, lined bottoms (Baggies, running shorts), swimwear, t-shirts, sleeping bags, shoes, waders and wetsuits are not accepted in the program.

Worn Wear's trade-in system began operations in April 2018. Patagonia Burlington has been facilitating the up-cycling of Patagonia clothes from the very beginning at our shop.

Bring in your used Patagonia clothes for some credit and help create new stories with the clothes we wear!